Who We Are

AACF was founded on the belief that diversity is the cornerstone of American culture and that it should be celebrated and supported in our community. In 2005, we founded the Asian American Center of Frederick because we saw a need in our community. Though diversity and multiculturalism are what makes America great, too often minorities are not able to contribute the full extent of what they have to offer, simply because they don't have access to the tools needed to succeed. While we started as an organization meant to bring those tools to the Asian American community of Frederick and help to educate the public about all Asian culture brings to the table, we quickly saw a greater purpose. Now, we work to help all minorities realize their full potential as American citizens by giving them the tools they need to succeed. We are a nonprofit organization, and provide services to the community solely using generous donations.

Here's How We Help:

  • We help people get access to healthcare through the Affordable Care Act.
  • We offer FREE citizenship examination preparation classes.
  • We provide interpreter and translation services for a wide variety of languages. And if we don't have an interpreter for your language, we'll refer you to a place that does.
  • We offer community health advocacy programs designed to help minorities better understand, and protect themselves against, possible health crises.
  • We offer Startalk, an integrative, immersive program for students that helps them get a closer look at Chinese culture and lifestyle.

Recent Event:

Raising Drug Free Kids: Doing Together What We Can't Do Alone
On Tuesday, June 9th, the MOTA (Minority Outreach & Technical Assistance) program by AACF co-sponsored the Raising Drug Free Kids: Doing Together What We Can't Do Alone community conversation with The Faith Striders, New Dimensions Worship Center, the Frederick County Sheriff's Office, and the Frederick Church of the Nazarene. Preventative education, treatment, street drug trends, and resources for all community members was discussed. Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and Mark Gimble, Drug Czar, were the main presenters. 

All of us are responsible for our youth's actions and life paths. "It takes a village to raise a child." Through our MOTA program, we are pleased to promote a drug free and healthy lifestyle for the youth in our minority community and for all community members of Frederick County and well beyond.